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glitchgifs asked:

in your online generator, when I use multiple types of diacritics, instead of stacking in exact order, it seems to get mixed and the result doesn't look very good, when I want to do for example a zig zag trail above letter x. Is it possible to fix this?
there are two options — one inserts a diacritic after a random character in the input string, and the other inserts a diacritic after *every* character… including diacritics. so if you alternate between two diacritics then no, they won’t necessarily be applied in XYXY order. 
if you wanted to do something like aXYXYXYXYXYXYXYXYXY then i would say first apply a bunch of X, and then do an “all Y” at the end, if that makes sense. 
doing something like aXXXXXXXXXYYYYYYYYYY would be more difficult using only the glitch text generator. for that, you may need to find some kind of text editor that would let you copy and paste diacritics individually (unfortunately i can’t recommend one, as the program i use for that is like $300) 
another option: experiment using the “backspace” key, which you can use to delete one diacritic at a time. 
it’s currently not possible to select exactly where diacritics go using the glitch text generator, because the scripts are based on index (position within the text), and every time you insert a diacritic, the string gets longer so the indexes all change, and the scripts can’t really tell the difference between a letter and a diacritic. (someone might be able to do this but i haven’t thought of a solution.) 
hope this helps.
[this question was submitted and answered via email; reposted here in case this helps anyone else]

the unicode 7.0 standard has been released, and it adds a bunch of characters to the Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs block (or “new emoji” according to some in the media)

but most of these “new” characters have been around for more than 15 years, as part of the webdings and wingdings 1-3 fonts! so if you have these fonts installed then you don’t have to wait until to play around with them until your chat app is updated — you can enjoy them using the glitch text generator!

for example, the much-talked-about “no piracy” character is “#” in webdings.



This is episode 1 of the 14 episode series ‘Programming Curators’ which will premiere as OFFline installation during Click Festival 2014 in Denmark: the pl41t3xt pavilion can be found at The Wrong, ‘the first New Digital Art Biennale’ that opened in 2013, is maybe best described as ‘the tower of Babel for digital art’. The event displayed a vast collection of digital esthetics, politics, technologies and cultures that was too rich and overwhelming to get a hold off; in fact the Biennale reports to have featured 30 pavilions with over 500 artworks.  By appropriating jargon and specific organizational features, the Wrongs attempted to create a bridge into the institutionalized art world. However, when in January 2013 the event closed and its index page was taken offline, what was left was a feeling of ‘implosion’; orphaned pavilions ended up as little Islands of treasure but missing any kind of map to guide surfers. ‘Programming Curators’ attempts to give an insight into the meta stories of the curators behind the pavilions and the work they curated for the Wrong. The installation is accessible on the special wifi network named accordingly, to emphasize its meta-function. //       Rosa Menkman  //

A Bill Miller talks about the pl41nt3xt pavilion, which included my glitch text generator and text art canvas

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